Gleamray considers good seamanship and highest navigation standards to be fundamental for maintaining an excellent safety record. 
The top priority of our marine department is to promote and reinforce our crew’s strong safety and seamanship cultures, especially for navigation and cargo operations. The marine superintendents, monitor shipboard routines through frequent attendances on board and on a daily basis via electronic reporting, reviewing passage plans and assisting Operations department in the preparation of loading plans.

More specifically marine superintendents focus on:

  • Conducting vessel’s internal audits and preparing relevant reports.
  • Inspecting each vessel of our fleet at least twice per year, evaluating their condition while issuing job orders list as required.
  • Monitoring the ship deck and medical inventories.
  • Monitoring the deck and safety equipment maintenance onboard in cooperation with technical department.
  • Checking/approving vessel’s requisitions as regards charts, licences and publications in coordination with the relevant departments.