Operations department is the heart of Gleamray’s activities. Our experienced operators provide full support to the ship’s masters on the planning of voyages and cargo operations whilst protecting the owners and charterers interests.

Vessels' operations are continuously monitored throughout all phases of their voyages to ensure that no commercial disputes arise and their performance is scrutinized constantly to ensure that charter party terms are rigorously complied with.

  • We closely monitor vessel’s performance (speed, consumption, rpm in conjuction with prevailing weather conditions) so as vessel's speed/bunkers consumption to be the optimum.
  • Special attention is given to the correct preparation of pre-stowage plan/loading-discharging sequence plan/bunkering plan and clear instructions are given to the vessels prior loading operations ,prior discharging operations and prior bunkering operation
  • We are in close communication with P&I clubs in order to check for any possible problem/difficulty we may face at various ports of call and take all necessary preventive measures for avoidance of any short loading/short landing of cargo.
  • Emphasis is given to the important issues of ballasting/de-ballasting operations, safe berthing/unberthing procedures along with sea/river pilotage throughout vessel's voyages and holds cleaning preparations.
  • Detailed information/guidelines are provided to the vessel regarding cargo to be carried in order to ensure its smooth loading/carriage and safe discharge, especially for cargoes which require special attention and handling.