Health, Safety and Environmental protection are the core values of our Safety Management System.

On that basis , we have established our Company's Safety, Health, Environmental Policy in order to manage the health and safety risks our seafarers and employees are exposed to, as well as, the environmental risks, aiming to eliminate accidents at sea, and to minimize the environmental impact of our fleet's daily activities.

Our Company, Gleamray is certified by the Class "Bureau Veritas" , IACS member for compliance with the ISM Code and the MLC 2006 , and is also committed to providing a secure working environment for all our seafarers under the provision of the ISPS Code.

Our HSQE department focuses intensively on the following:

  • officer's / crew's and Company's personnel training needs.
  • thorough analysis of Company's vessels' accidents/incidents/ non conformities and distribution/ circulation of lessons learnt within the fleet aiming to the prevention of reoccurrence of same or similar incidents.
  • frequent internal audits on board vessels of the fleet within each year by DPA for monitoring and ensuring SMS full compliance on board.
  • continuous monitoring of all national and international rules and regulations governing the Marine Industry for Company's early full compliance.
  • taking all necessary actions as to keep our fleet at the highest possible rating in RIGHTSHIP's database taking and implementing the actual steps towards quality improvement.

Our HSQE department's successful compliance with our set objectives, is reflected among others to the majority of our vessels' accomplishment of being awarded with QUALSHIP 21 Certificate by the USCG. Less than ten percent of all foreign-flagged ships that operate in the United States, have earned this designation, putting vessels of Gleamray's fleet in an elite class.