Gleamray has a long history in ship design and construction, having commissioned and built over 25 new vessels under its direct and indirect supervision since its first new building order.

Our technical department is operating our vessels with a comprehensive, clear, precise and carefully planned management system.

All technical matters are dealt with a proactive approach therefore have developed an excellent planned Maintenance system and at the same time a preventive maintenance program.

The effectiveness of above have resulted in (far below the average in the market) minimizing of any mechanical and other failures whilst ensuring that all vessels remain at all times in a fully operational condition fulfilling the highest market demands.

Major undertakings of our technical department:

  • Closely monitoring of the efficient operation and performance of propulsion, auxiliary and ancillary machinery, ensuring reliability and economical operation and minimizing the company's loss prevention record, which in turn strengthens the company's insurance terms.
  • Planned maintenance system implementation and monitoring.
  • New building (planning/constructing and supervision).
  • Technical support including on site attendance.
  • Dry docking and repairs – planning and attendance.
  • Budgeting, budget control.
  • Carrying out inspections of all ships at frequent intervals.
  • Identification and follow up of classification, port and flag state maintenance and survey requirements.

All technical systems and equipment considered by Gleamray Maritime Inc. critical for the safe operation and pollution prevention of the ships are frequently inspected.